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It can be stressful trying to pick out all the right flat irons and curling irons and do you get a wand or a curling iron or a flat iron.  I will give you a few ideas based on curl type and you can go from there.  Each tool gives you somewhat of a different curl.  You can also change the look of the curl all while using the same iron.  These are all my opinions just from my own experiences, so here you go.

Flat Irons…curling hair with a flat iron can be tricky but once you get the hang of it its a nice soft curl.   I think its a little more difficult and can be a bit inconsistent at times.  I feel that if we can do less tugging/pulling on our hair the better our hair will be.  So my personal opinion let the flat irons do the flat ironing! I will link two very reasonable flat irons.  The first one picured below I will link here , my daughter started using this flat iron and loves it, I do have a thing for Hot Tools.  It was one of the only 1 1/2 inch that I could find, I like a wider plate personally.


Click here for another totally reasonable flat iron option (pictured below).  Love this one, it comes with a bag and a glove and is under $40.  That’s a great deal, I already bought one for a Christmas present.


Our favorite blow dryer pictured below is linked here, hands down, best blow dryer!


As for curling Irons, I will link a bunch.  I will link two different sizes as well as ceramic and non ceramic.  I just recently started using this iron (pictured below) and I love it.  A marcel iron does not have a spring so it is tricky to get used to it.  Stylist tend to learn with marcel’s in Hair School and you just eventually get the hang of it.  What I love about a marcel is their is no clip to grab a hold of on the end of the iron so the heating element goes completley to the end.  That makes it easier for me to use this iron as a wand, as well as a curling iron, when I want more of a wand curl.  I am linking all spring irons below but the marcel is an option for all of them.


The curling iron that will get the most use is this one right here .  Myself and the girls at the salon go to this size iron for mosts type of curl desired.  It is a 1 inch iron which is very versatile.  If you use larger sections you will get a looser curl.  If you want a tighter curl take smaller sections and hold tighter a a few seconds longer.  Don’t forget to spray each section with a workable hair spray before you curl the section to make it hold longer.  That is an important step that will make a huge difference if you skip.  Shaper is a perfect spray for this because it is light and after your hair is curled it combs right out to a soft texture, you wouldn’t even know you spray it in your hair.  Mention this post to get 20% off your next can of shaper.


Here I linked the same iron, only difference is it’s ceramic.  Just a matter of preference.IMG_7973

The last one is a 1 1/2 inch which is linked here.  If you have longer length hair or want a bigger, looser curl, this is the iron for you.  I tend to use this iron on myself when I curl my hair.  I have long thick hair and I can get through my hair a little faster with this one. If I want a bit of a smaller curl, I just use smaller sections.  Along with my shaper hair spray of course! My hair would never curl and stay wthout it.  There is also a 1 1/4 option as well if you would like something in between.  Here is the cermaic version of the 1 1/2 inch.



As for a wand I linked one here . Like i said earlier in the post, I use my marcel as a wand when I want that type of curl, but I prefer a wand that is not tapered.  Here I linked a slightly tapered wand option I would be ok with.  I just don’t want my ends curlier than the mid shaft.



Now I am going to share a few fun things I have seen that have inspired me to try on a willing client!  I have a wedding coming up I may try to use these clips for something fun & different.  I saw this picture I posted below on Instagram and totally loved it, so so simple.  The clips come in silver & gold.


Another simple style I am loving now is adding some bobby pins to your hair to add a little twist.  Below are a few photos I pulled from Instagram to give you some ideas.  These sparkle pins are a great option, as well as these extra long gold ones.  They are longer than the regular bobby pin which would be good for thicker hair.  Here I linked regular length pins with a few color options.  I also saw these rinestone pins which would be fun for holiday party’s.  Just some simple ideas to change your hair up, without having to work to hard.  Check out the pictures..






Hope you enjoyed the post.  Leave any comments below and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Have the Happiest of Holiday’s…

JA xo


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  1. Awesome Gifts!!! Great ideas to end the year with a bang!


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