Why You Should Ask For ‘Invisible Layers’ Next Time You Visit The Salon

Invisible layers, ahhhh, where have you been my whole life. Having a massive thick head of hair I have struggled to find the perfect layered cut to work with my hair. When I go too short with my layers it creates this big shelf where the first layer starts, if I leave them too long well then I have a triangular shape going on with tons of weight at the bottom. Invisible layers is the golden ticket for me and may be for you too. Hair techniques have evolved so much over the years and now there is no need to be afraid to ask for layers in fear they may be “choppy” or “blunt steps”, they can now be invisible. Leaving your hair “one length” can also be worrisome in the fact of having a flatter root area with too much hair at the ends. No matter what length your hair is invisible layers will work wonders. There are two ways to create them. One way for fine hair is too leave the top layer one length and go in and texturize/layer right underneath of that top layer. It will create movement and give you texture and body. The second way, which is what I currently have, is too leave the hair one length as well and texturize the ends by section, with the thinning shears, to the point that it creates subtle layers that literally melt into each other all while leaving the look of one length hair and getting rid of all the heaviness on the ends. It will decrease the bottom fullness that one length hair can leave behind and give you lightness on the ends and in the root area. All that heavy hair that comes with “one length” will now be lighter and airier. This technique will work on any length hair from short chin length right on down. Pictures can be confusing and if you have ever looked at a hairstyle and thought, “wow, where are her layers”, well they just may be invisible. You will still get that one length look with fullness and have movement at the same time, without any “step” layers. Below are a few pictures I found online to give you peek. If your looking for a change, “Invisible layers”……they are the love of my life right this moment, they may just be yours too!

JA xo


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