Thursday’s, Our New Senior Citizen Day & Who’s Behind It!

I’m so happy to announce our senior citizen day. The man behind it, well none other than John Anthony Pasquini, the man behind the name, my Dad. This morning I thought, I need to make a Senior day, so I googled senior citizen day and guess what popped up? Wednesday August 21st is World Senior Citizen day, which happens to be my Dad’s Birthday! Anyone that knew my Father new what a special, kind hearted man he was, always wanting to do for others. Little story, yesterday I had the privilege to meet a new client. A regular of the salon just new to me. She proceeded to tell me that 30 years ago her husband, a general contractor (self employed) was working on scaffolding in a home and unfortunately had a bad fall. He became a paraplegic from that moment forward. My Dad owned Evergreen Lumber in Woodbury where her husband would buy all his lumber for his jobs. She told me my Dad asked her if he could bring her to lunch (at his favorite spot, Ponzios) where he proceeded to tell her that he would supply every material for free to her and her husband to build the handicap ramp that they then needed to be able to stay in their home. Hearing stories about my Dad 16 years after he passed away is a pretty special thing. She said “Lori I will never forget what he did for us”. My Dad passed away one week before we made settlement on the salon. At times I worried about not having his help/support behind me taking this on. Employees will stay and some will go, but Johnny P., well he’s here for good, still pushing me, pushing me to do for others. I love every second of it! I will keep doing for him as he did for others. As for my Mom, well she lovessss her senior discounts! Just a little story about the man behind the name. He’s a special one! Our Senior Citizen Day will be on Thursday’s. 65 years and older will get 10% off all day, every Thursday. And I won’t forget about August 21, National Senior Citizen Day and my Dad’s Birthday. I’ll be sure to do something special! JA xo


8 thoughts on “Thursday’s, Our New Senior Citizen Day & Who’s Behind It!

  1. BONNIE-LEE Midili June 6, 2019 — 8:22 pm

    This is such a Heart Warming Story, Your Father was A Very Special Person. What a Wonderful Way to Show Him Honor!
    Your Salon is a Family Business where We as Customers Feel Like Family Also! Blessings to Your Family and Your Business, You make Everyone Smile especially Your Senior Customers. You Father is Smiling Down on You, Lots Of Love😉💙🇺🇸


    1. Your the sweetest, thank for for the kind words! This post brought a lot of tears today lol good & sad tears. Love to you guys as well! ❤️


  2. This story is so special… it brought tears to my eyes. I know he is so proud of what you have accomplished in his name and he will no doubt continue to watch over the salon and all of your family 💕


    1. Thank you Michelle! You know too well as well it’s not easy but these little moments help❤️❤️


  3. Megan Bumbernick June 7, 2019 — 11:04 am

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharinG! He is your angel!


  4. What a special story and a special man your dad was as well as your special relationship you had with your dad! All so nice. Thanks for sharing and being so generous. You know he is smiling!!


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