What Are Strand Lights & Who Should Ask For Them?

In a world full of balayage, lowlites, mermaid hair & root smudge to name a few, lets throw some strand lights atcha too! What are Strand Lights? Well they are ultra baby fine woven strands of hair, put into a foil that are perfectly placed to mimic where the sun would naturally lighten a child’s hair. That’s the best way to describe it. The small woven strands look like they are coming straight out of your scalp. Super natural, super fine & super beautiful. Placement is important around your hairline, in your part, your crown and the ends of the hair. It’s a very sunkissed, beautiful end result with a seamless grow out. Strand lights will not give you a heavy highlight appearance. They are also extremely low maintenance. How Strand Lights differ from balayage? Balayage is when thicker sections of hair are lighten to give beautiful dimension to your hair leaving your root area deeper for a lower maintenance hair color. Balayage shines most when the hair is curled to really show the deepness of dimension. Strand lights are an awesome addition to an existing balayage if you are looking to give your root area a little bit of a natural lightness to blend in with your balayaged ends. Both are equally as beautiful alone and mix beautifully together. Just a matter of what your in the mood for! Below you will see some photos which are credit to Liz Haven who is the owner of Kaleido Hair Salon in Texas. She is an educator/stylist who is behind “strand lights” and our staff was recently educated by her. Take a look below to see what all the fuss is about. The very last picture is credit to our stylist Tara who added strand lights to her clients existing balayage. Hope you enjoyed this post..comment below what you would be interested in learning about or getting ideas for next. See y’all soon!

JA xo


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