“Mushroom Blond” the hottest hair color trend this summer.

Why not add another food into the list of beautiful hair colors. While mushrooms may sound a little boring, the hair color is anything but. It’s a multi tone hair color that mimics the ashy tones of a mushroom, with high and low lights to create a multi-dimensional look. Not quite blond and not quite brunette, it is right in-between light brown and dark blond, like an ashier version of Brond. This hair color is great for blonds that maybe want to dip their toes into going a little deeper “slowly” or brunettes that may want to try going a little lighter. It’s a great transitional color that will transition great into fall. This hair color is trending on Pinterest and searches are up for this look 308%. Mushroom blond is a very low maintenance hair color that will rid of any unwanted brassy tones the summer sun tends to bring out. Be sure to ask your stylist for light brown or dark blonde balayage (subtle or as dramatic as you like) with ashy tones. Remember ash tones appear deeper than warm tones even though they are the same level of hair color. And as always bringing in photos to show your stylist always helps! Check out some examples below, some of which are our stylist work and some from the Internet. Just something to think about if a little change is what your thinking for next time. 😉

JA xo


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