Two Magic Words…Brunette Balayage!

Coming from a brunette myself, who loves the richness of brown hair. Brunettes still get the itch for something a little lighter. A little Carmel or almost a sun kissed tan glow is possible while still keeping the richness of your natural brown hair. Balayage is often associated with blondes but it is hands down the best color technique to give a sun kissed glow to your hair regardless of your base color. Breaking up a solid brunette with a little dimension can be just what your hair needs. Adding a little warmth brings a certain glow to your skin. Below are some brunette pictures to inspire you to get that sun kissed tan to your already beautiful brunette hair. Believe it or not there are tons of options for your brunette balayage, from as little to as much as you prefer or from caramel to blonde to red. Talk to your stylist, and be sure to say those two magic words…Brunette Balayage. Who’s ready for summer? I sure am! JA xo

Gorgeous Sun Kissed Balayage

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