How Is John Anthony Salon You Ask?

First off…Thank you. Thank you for all the phone calls and messages we get daily asking how the salon is and how all of us are. I could cry, just phone calls to say hello and concerns to see how we are is so very sweet! We have the best clients on the planet and you are one of them! So to answer the question, the salon is doing great…The girls are doing great. We have weekly zoom hang outs to catch up with each other. We are sending out our touch-ups to go, selling products curbside, getting our software system changed over and touching up a-lot of odds and ends. You may receive an email from our new software system which is called vagaro. We are slowing importing all of your files over. When we enter you into the system you will get a welcome email. You can sign up for an account and will be able to book appointments online (say what)! You will also receive text or email confirmation (or both) for appointments if you choose too. We of course will also still call you if that’s your favorite way of a reminder. So we are holding the fort down over here, gearing up to see you again. What the new normal will be in the salon is up in the air right now but I want to assure you that we are preparing and getting all our ducks in a row right now, so when they say go on a Sunday night at 6pm….we will be prepared and opened Sunday night at 6:01! The instance we get an open date we will be calling every one of you that had appointments from March 20th and on to get you scheduled. I also encourage you to call and leave a message now and we will call you to schedule. We will be working as much as we can to accommodate each of you as fast as possible. We are grateful for each and everyone of you and hope that you and your families are all safe and healthy. This is a very telling time for everyone with a lot of uncertainty. One thing I am certain of is that we will all come back stronger, with more compassion and love than before. Hug your families for us! We truly miss you with every inch of our souls! Keep an eye out for our open date! I’m sooo ready, are you? JA xo


10 thoughts on “How Is John Anthony Salon You Ask?

  1. Love and miss you guys❤️ Stay safe😘


    1. Thank you Vicki! Same to you. 😘


  2. Hi,
    How can I go about ordering color touch up to go/curbside pick up?
    Miss coming to the salon and I hope this will be all over soon! ❤️


    1. Hello Diane! Text me at 609-868-9554. I will send you all the info and I can get it for you whenever your ready. Thank you Lori


  3. Miss everyone and hope everyone is safe. Sending love and hugs XO


    1. Sending love and hugs too! Miss you!


  4. Can’t wait to come back. Miss being with you ladies.


    1. Miss seeing you too! I will be giving you a call!


  5. Deborah A Haines April 26, 2020 — 11:14 am

    Miss seeing you Ladies….Can’t wait to see you soon! Stay safe


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